WKF Competition Rules 2018.

For karateka taking part in WKF tournaments, please see the 2018 WKF rules to be applied in all WKF-approved tournaments.

Kata review videos:

Here is a list of all Shotokan kata incorporated in the WSKF syllabus. Please note that these kata are presented by some of the pioneers of Shotokan (JKA) karate and that minor variations to the WSKF versions may be present. For any uncertainties, please contact your Dojo head to discuss and clarify. Remember that these videos are not a substitute for Dojo training.
1 Heian Shodan
2 Heian Nidan 
3 Heian Sandan 
4 Heian Yondan 
5 Heian Godan 
6 Tekki Shodan 
7 Jion 
8 Empi 
9 Bassai Dai 
10 Kanku Dai 
11 Tekki Nidan 
12 Tekki Sandan
13 Jitte 
14 Hangetsu 
15 Gankaku 
16 Bassai Sho 
17 Kanku Sho 
18 Chinte 
19 Unsu 
20 Sochin 
21 Nijushiho
22 Gojushiho Dai 
23 Gojushiho Sho
24 Meikyo
25 Wankan


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